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"When I know your soul I'll paint your eyes.."
Amedeo Modigliani
special offer for the EROTIC PRAYER PARTICIPANTS
..I create a unique atmosphere. Together with my hero, capturing the moment, when our inner truth gives birth to perfect beauty.
Hey, dear friends!

I welcome you to awesome life experience of EROTIC PRAYER

I know for sure that you will unleash your inner power and connect to your better self during this event.

I happy to offer you very special prices
for my photosession where
I capture your higher state of your soul
to get the memory of who you truly are!

This memories will remind you of it
and put back in state of happiness
and joy again and again..
Craig Reynolds about photographer Valery Latypov
Oscar Loya about the photographer Valery Latypov
Special offer only for you!
Shooting time: 15 minutes
You get 5 edited photos

you can buy additional shots for 10 euro a photo
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Shooting time: 1 hour
You get 30 edited photos

you can buy additional shots for 5 euro a photo
Order now
Initially, the portrait was considered a static image of a man's face with a close-up view on the artist directly.

In our time, modern art knows a huge number of interpretations and embodiments of this genre.

My main goal is to explore, discover and reveal exactly WHO YOU ARE. Creating an organic context for your appearance.
- start a beautiful story of your family
- leave your mark for posterity
- present your portrait to people you love
- bring a special note to the interior of your home or workplace - please yourself
- remind yourself of your best incarnation
- make one of the best gifts to friends and relatives
Hi it's me - Valeriy, nice to meet you!
The Heroes of my portraits are man of many interests, many-faced; they are voluminous, vivid, convex, they are noticeably and soundly knocked out on the spatial membrane of life itself.

The heroes of my portraits are single and faceless; they are searching for and looking for, they replace thousands of faces and masks, with gusto and passion going over everything that fate offers.

The heroes of my portraits are real people. You and those you love .. Show me yourself and I will draw your story ..

I collaborated with:
Depeche Mode, Deva Premal, Peruquois, Peter Gabriel, Susan Sarandon, Gérard Depardieu, Bái Líng, Irina Hakamada (Candidate to the President of the Russian Federation, 2004), Yoko Ono, Goldfrapp, Fanny Ardant, Outasight, Ann Dexter Jones, FKA Twigs, the Libertines, Peruquois, Elbow, Imagine Dragons, Richard Bona, Gotthard, WOMAD festival, Glastonbury festival, TEDx, Hang Massive, Jeff Blue (Producer of Linking Park, Korn, Limb Bizkit), Jeff Bova (Producer and Grammy owner for the Celine Dion album), Mark Baker, Boris Grebenshikov, BDVA and many more.
2010, 2012, 2013 Digital Photo Russia
2011, 2015, 2016, 2017 Rolling Stone Magazine Russia
2011 Menu Magazine, Russia
2012 Switzerland Newspaper, Switzerland
2013 The Guardian, UK
2013 Book of Boris Grebenschikov "Songs of BG"
2014 Portugal Newspaper, Portugal
2014 Austrian Newspaper, Austria
2014 Noi magazine, Russia
2014 My Reform magazine Russia
2015 Jamaican Observer USA
2015 Resident magazine USA
2015 March "Happy Wedding" Magazine Russia
2015 ELLIMAN Estate USA
2016 Panavto Magazine, Russia
2016 InkSpired Magazine No42, Los Angeles, USA
2017 Sobaka, Russia
2019 Happinez, Germany
Exhibitions and contests:
2008 Agent Provocateur - First Prize, Moscow, Russia
2011 Canon Contest '11 St,Petersburg, Russia
2012 Expression of the soul, Goa, India
2012 Winner of Diner's Club Photo Contest "Life Pi"
2014 Rock in the Hearts with BDVA band, Moscow, Russia
2015 See like I look, Moscow, Russia
2017 The Babas, GOA, India
2018 Don't Be a Freud, ARTPLAY, Moscow
2019 Silk Road, Moscow
Geography of the shoot
If you would like to experience deeper art of photography
I offer you to check my project "Alchemy Portrait"
+7 985 2246789