Each person is unique, and it is important for me to see their request, need, goal, with which they came to me, to express their light and love in this world cleaner and brighter!
During my shoots, I pay great attention to the psycho-emotional and energetic state of the person.

My works are not just photos, but living and real emotions.

I dive into the depth of a person and reveal their best qualities; I reveal what is still hidden.

I travel a lot, communicate with different people. I visit places of power, where I practice meditation, communicate with shamans, spiritual teachers, monks, immerse myself in different spiritual practices and ancient traditions.

My experience and sensitivity allow me to look beyond the boundaries of habitual perception and express it through the creative process.

For me, the people I work with are a new experience of awareness, through which God creates our reality.

Each person is unique, and it is important for me to see their request, need, goal, with which they came to me, to express their light and love in this world cleaner and brighter!

Women are very sensitive, gentle, touching creatures. During work with them, I want to touch their souls as gently as possible, reveal them in harmony and help someone gain confidence, someone to express their femininity and softness, someone to reveal and help accept their sexuality, while identifying and removing blocks that interfere with this.

Before the photo shoot, we always have a relaxed conversation over a cup of coffee/tea, revealing and identifying the request, blocks, what exactly I would like to work on, so that the result is the best possible.

My photo shoots are, of course, therapy, during which people are reborn, experience a beautiful spectrum of emotions, laugh, rejoice, smile, dance in the freedom of their manifestation. And sometimes it happens that we identify a deep block that goes away with sadness, tears, and a deep awareness of our lesson.

Since there is a lot of work on oneself, and absolutely definitely, as a result, in addition to photos, a person receives an emotional and energetic charge for the realization of their dreams and desires.

In the process of our game, a person learns about themselves, insights come, new states, feelings, emotions that they have never experienced or experienced, but very long ago, in childhood.

Blocks in the body disappear, the state and emotional background are leveled, the confidence that life cares about you, that everything is going in harmony and in harmony with the world appears.

The feeling of freedom, flight and inspiration, fullness, with this state, a person goes out into the day, where states are realized and integrated into life immediately.

A clear understanding of the direction of movement appears, the focus shifts to the really most important thing in life, priorities and further actions become clear.

My task is to show and make women feel that they are beautiful, loved, that self-love is natural and beautiful, that for this you don't need a ton of makeup and mountains of clothes.

Behind these constant chases for "beauty" and "ideality", there is a defenseless, insecure, cramped little girl who needs love and acceptance.

I make them feel that they are loved, beautiful, valuable, without all this, in their natural beauty and manifestation.

A woman with masculine character traits also feels that she is a woman in the first place, gentle, sensual, sexual, and only then everything else, all social roles and manifestations.
My task is to make people feel, see themselves as they really are, and capture it in photos that will inspire, ignite, remind, and return a person to a resourceful state, supporting them along the way.

I prefer black and white photos, they have depth, black and white cuts off everything unnecessary that prevents you from seeing emotions, feeling beauty, and helps to emphasize the very essence of a person, they are simple and beautiful at the same time.