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Valery Latypov
Valery Latypov is an established Russian photographer who has made his name capturing musicians in the intense emotion of performance. He has collaborated with artists including Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Deva Premal, Marylin, creating striking portraits of them both in concert and back stage, including at festivals such as Glastonbury and WOMAD (UK).

Emotions bring variety into our lives, and through them we get to know ourselves on a deeper level. In every creative endeavor there is an emotional peak ¬– and it is this that has always interested Valery in the musical creative process. His portraits allow the audience to gain a sense of what it means to stand before an audience of thousands, and how this pressure converts into inspiration. His festival work has a particular tone, capturing the intense sense of freedom that such events inspire, their energetic spark that charges the audience to a different level.

But Music is not where Valery’s passion for observation stops. In 2006, having completed a Masters degree in the Physics of Condensed Matter, he began to travel the world. His shots of people going about their lives in 27 countries as diverse as USA, the UK, India, Israel, Thailand, Myanmar, Russia and show his unique talent for capturing the remarkable in the ordinary, the striking rhythm and color in the everyday.

Valery is a visual artist, his goal being always to extract and convey each moment with passion. His talent has not gone unnoticed and because of this he has managed to turn it into a career, working commercially and as a concert photographer across Europe and America.

His images have been published in Rolling Stone magazine, The Guardian, Yoga Journal and multiple international publications. He has exhibited in Moscow regularly since 2010, and has won several prestigious awards, including first prize in the 2008 Agent Provocateur Moscow competition and the 2012 Diner’s Club Award, Silk Road Award 2019

Exhibitions and contests:

2008 Agent Provocateur - First Prize, Moscow, Russia
2011 Exh.Canon Contest ’11 St,Petersburg, Russia
2012 Exh.Expression Of The Soul, Goa, India
2012 Winner of Diner’s Club Photo Contest “Life Pi”
2014 Exh.Rock in the Hearts with BDVA band, Moscow, Russia
2015 Exh.See Like I Look, Moscow, Russia
2017 Exh.The Babas, GOA, India
2018 Exh.Freud - ARTPLAY, Moscow
2019 Exh. "NEW SILK ROAD", Moscow
2020 Exh.Art Fair Russia 2020, Moscow


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2011 Menu Magazine, Russia
2010, 2012, 2013 magazine Digital Photo Russia
2012 Switzerland Newspaper
2013 The Guardian UK
2014 Portugal Newspaper
2014 Austrian Newspaper
2014 Noi / Yoga Journal Ru
2014 My Reform Ru
2015 Jamaican Observer US
2015 Resident US
2015 March “Happy Wedding” Magazine RU
2015 magazine ELLIMAN Estate US
2016 Panavto Magazine RU
2013 Book of Boris Grebenschikov “Songs of BG“
2016 magazine InkSpired No42, LA, USA
2018 magazine Sobaka, St.Petersburg
2019 magazine Happinez, Germany
2020 magazine Forbes Russia, Moscow
2020 magazine Snob